Onceuponatime, the first book


Inspired by..................


I've surrendered to too many sunsets
Melting into rebirth, into unity untold
I fly where wings are superfluous
The unpaintable colors leave me saturated with awe
Drifting, swirling, falling as I soar higher
Movement appears, all in cycles, all perpetual
But something else about me now
Elusive, grandiose and transcendent

Another sunset, another dream
Again I embrace what others only touch
Filled with a transformative sense of inspiration
Closer and closer to the Creator of this celestial art
Drifting, swirling, melting, deeper with the movement
Pulled further into the magical silence
On the precipice of becoming something other

Something about me,
Somehow linked to, emanating from the incredible radiance
Abounding and overrunning
Reminding me of Eternity
Somehow tying everything into One

Indeed, something about me I cannot ascertain
Something too beautiful for words
Forever impossible to explain


Two Men

A man engrossed in thought
Another too verbose to even think
While a growing mind is taking in all
The talker's mind is destined to shrink

A man of serenity and gentleness
Always jumping in other people's shoes
While the noise machine blasts the helpless
Who by fate had no chance to choose

A man of peace and reason
Who wears no mask to disguise
While the bold speaker trys to sell his words
Never aware of all his lies

Inconspicuously lives the placid man
Who can appreciate without things owning his name
While the talker marchers over the meek
Grabbing in all to for his imagined fame

A man of servitude and contemplation
Accepting invisibility, but still knowing its pain
But the brazen orator prejudges and proclaims
While he sits on the throne of the vain

With envy, aggression, ambition, and scorn
A mind becomes defunkt and frozen
So damn his tongue and instead praise the man
Whose words are so carefully chosen


A West Wind

Distant dreams have vanished with time
Nature's reality now allows my life to rhyme
With the intoxicating greeness of this spring day
For it is the spring of my life, and spring it shall stay

Reverence for the greening life,
For the new warmth in the air
But an eerienss engulfs me as a strange breeze curls though my hair
Mystery hovers over my arena of thought
As towering trees bend backwards
In ways they were not taught

For this is the land where the south winds reign
And this rare west wind leaves me devoid of winter's pain
A west wind, a strange wind and it returns today for me
For the west wind took my life's seed
And carried to the garden of serenity

The others, the masses were captured by the south wind's wrath
And planted in fields too banal and bare
Ambition, fear, and greed grew with their life
They now smile at the short, short lengh of their hair

Money machines are not happy people
For their brother is really their foe
Society's lost children are like barren yellow stalks
in a field where no mind can grow
But reside in the enchanted garden
Where beautiful people grow loving and free
Musicians, writers, and artitsts of all ilk abound
Blessed is their precious creativity

The trees bend backwards, the birds fly fast and high
What a strange and  beautiful wind today
And I salute it with a thoughtful sigh

For I, like the west wind am just as rare and beautiful
in my own eyes that see
The rare so beautiful and beauty so rare
These words I hold forever sacredly



I hear laughter in the bushes as I wallow in the mud, sweating
Assiduously, I labor as the sun's day passes slowly,
And night falls and I collapse, embittered and still sweating

A pernicious puzzle, how incongruous are the pieces
Lifes a trial with no judges, the absurdity never ceases
How amazing that I toil, always facing every fight
While a rich man plays with children's puzzles
Never questioning which path is right

The snickerings drift southward and my back aches through the long week
Grandiose questions with no answers erupt
And my wallet's future looks so bleak
I can find no answers and devoid of any peace
I sweat, I toil, but I am losing the race
More laughter, and now from the east  

Who would place me here? Am I watched like a rat in a maze?
Though I love, I am alone, and my island grows larger with the days
Of my soul I am sure, for the injustice around is too real
A wheelchair, a deafman, they water my eyes
Life's table is set with no meal

How absurd and unreal, the chaotic and corrupted place
The masked men and their illusions of hope
I can feel no empathy for this vanity infested race

How horrendous is war and disease
Yet vital to the quell the sprawling mobs
Can be real, can nothing make sense?
Is is laughter, or instead a symphony of sobs

Yes, it is laughter, and now from the north
More hearty, ghoulish, and loud
Surrounded, I run down alleys not there
It rains, but there exists not a single cloud

A dream, a madman's fleeing, am I insane because I can now see
That this mundane life is a ludicrous joke
And the laughter is now inside me



   Sometimes I close my scholarly book and although the page was half finished,
I cast it aside to wait  
   Sometimes the dark clouds in my mind become too much, so I lay back and
breathe deep and try to forget that although I swim, I am drowning
   Sometimes I forget that there are clocks and schedules and absurd laws
that leave me bewildered and bitter. I erase any notions of hierarachy or flags
of victory
  Sometimes I toss duty into the fire and welcome the serenity of apathy; work
becomes an addition to the list of four letter words
  And between that infinitesimal instant of what was and what might be, I leave
myself and walk into the fields or forest where I bathe myself in the crimson
sunset , merging with beauty in its purest form
    And a magic befalls me, my eyes shed the dust collected, seeing everything
so hidden from me in the routine life  
    And so I waltz with the lady in green, the birds above and the insects below
becomes wonders in themselves.  All life forms into one Entity and as I become
aware of myself, I too enter the LifeSphere

    Sometimes, I smile for no reason
    I am befriended by each and every tree
    What I see and feel can have no words
    All should know what it is to be free
   Sometimes, I forget that I own no fame
   Sometimes, I forget that the world is insane
   Sometimes, I just forget ..........



Like snowflakes falling
Your white lies never cease
Each one a special work of art
Each one a priceless piece

Of a monstrous layer of fluffy white snow
Of a massive pile of deceit
All coated with charm and sweet bogus smiles
Selling truths without a receipt

You strike an oblique chord in nature
Where bad is never discolored as good
You disharmonize with all that's natural
You worship the social word 'should'

You're a lovely two faced woman
You're the ridiculous social game
You both mutilate the often ugly truth
In my eyes, you're both the same

You call it tact and etiquette
But your fluffy white lies are growing old
I've had it wih all your perverse euphemisms
You'ld try to guise gravel as gold

I see you on your own social stage
Protecting your role with more fraudulous white
And the space falling becomes a flurious storm
That now totally obstructs truth from our sight

In surreptitious delight you masquerade all
You smile more than I could breathe
Your massive white drift proves the axiom true
That one you distort, you must then again deceive

So damn your snowy white world
I can't live with deception and disguise
I can't even see your smiling face anymore
You've been covered up by all your own lies



Pardon if I ask too many questions
I know its a world of telling
But my nature compels me to inquire into the mysteries
that enshroud God's celestial dwelling

Forgive me for again showing my cards
I know its a world of deception
But your games make me nauseous, so I'll keep on inquiring
Into the secrets of God's impossible conception

Excuse me if I so rudely doze off
But your sermon leaves me convinced of your disease
So I'll refrain from prognosis and continue the diagnosis
While I question the questions, if you please

Pardon again, I slip from unending fascination
I should grow up and instead turn to greed
But your wealth and status leave me empty
So I'll remain with nature's unwritten creed

So sorry if my indifference offends
But your ignornance can cause one to gag
Perhaps I should refrain from music and sunsets
And instead practive smiling and even learn how to brag

Forgive me now, but I grow weary of apologies
Instead of forgiveness, I only ask for your demise
Your wealth, power, status and power
All crumble into nothing before these prophetic eyes

So bow down before my obsequious grandiloquence
Your pointless existence reeks of blasphemous mutation
Glory to the future, to an world of inquiring
To that which reveals your inevitable dammnation



A world in transition,
the symptons effervesce
Between the facade and the essence,
The herd ignores the mess

A world of severed loves
With ancient laws that deplore
In transit emotion they erode their devotion
and twist the passion they cannot restore

Possessed by obcessions and obcessed with possessions
In circles they smile and think of things to say
A graveyard of questions evading their misconceptions
They answers breathe at night, suffocation with the day

By the parallax of the prism, defraction insues
and into transformation I now fall
Among placid refusions and starblessed resolutions
The priest appears to appall:

Idiots to my left, idiots to my right
Idiots so imbued with fear
that they fear their own heavenly light

Immune to reason, addicted to the past
The idiocy misleads the listless herd
In fear of a horned figment, they abstain and abuse
and revere the absurdity of their own so sacred word

Oblivious to their causes
They disclaim the lessons of a 1001 pagan nights
Irreverent of the essential truths
They disort the lessons we have in our sights

Removed from fortuitious happenstance
that undermines all they cannot see
They exalt the superficial and turn fear into ritual
as they surround me and force me to flee

Tyranny in transformation
Mutation in the seed
On the altar of Reason, the oyster voltage destroys
The rancid idiocy that will neither see nor heed


On My Deathbed

So here I lie on this deathbed so white
My breath grows shallow as death picks a fight
I caress the few hours that hang by a thread
And drift back to younger days when I laughed at the dead

A young man so virile, how I sampled all in sight
But the years flew by and so I waved good bye to a spirit so free and light
And a grey cage did I don as dusk appeared in the west
My death became a living reality and fear and unwelcomed guest

Fear of what, I would ask myself as I walked the woods at night
The is only the beginning of a new life beyond our sight
And like an omen, a mourning dove lit upon a nearby tree
His melodious song somehow symbolizing my newborn tranquility

And so here I lie in peace with with darkness slowly creeping
The tears, the sneers, the fruitless years all lay quietly sleeping
How my eyes glow with wisdom as I finally erase all the pain
For although we preach dignity, we are still so pretentious and vain

Secretly I smile and chuckle inside, but the tearful faces do not see
That although death is staring, sweet peace is raining on me
The flowers wilt, the silent laughter receeds, and I feel my time is near
The night has fallen, my fate I accept, as a noise outside catches my ear

The mourning dove lites down upon my window, eyes meet, together we nod
He flys, I die, I kiss the sky, my soul is now with God


Celebration Of The Seven

In cognizance and sobriety, the seance begins
From elliptical seasons, we name the time to pay
In humble insignificance, we salute the flowing precious
From seaweed to steel, we stop for the last days of May

On the first, we remember the eons that have passed
And bow down humbled by the awareness of Time's old age
Consequently, our lives fly into focus
And we celebrate the music that ties us to everything that defies time.

On the second, we remember those who have passed on
And dream and wonder of what and where they now are
Consequently, our lives fly into sharper focus, into the present tense
And we celebrate eternity and the fact that we are aware

On the third, we meet by the Sea
And in silence are refueled by the awesome beauty
A storm moving in, we celebrate the nameless forces that spiral and swirl
We wrestle with logic, then concede to the incomprehensible
We then celebrate mystery, all that defies our limited human minds

On the fourth, we forget all but the Self
And celebrate the awareness of Dharma
The universal principles that govern the expanded self
The impermanence of the cosmos, the laws of natural change

On the fifth, we look below and to the chaos and disharmony
And we celebrate the better times of a far distant future
Our lives fly into a deeper focus, we see ourselves apart from time
On the firth, we remember the Future, the place we hold
Consequently, we are at peace, we revel in our serenity
Our compassion finds a place

On the sixth, we look to those we love
And imagine our lives without,
Without the balancing emotion
We then celebrate those we hold precious
We celebrate the fact that we are human, that we can feel
Into proper focus, we see ourselves in balance

On the seventh, the hallowed seventh, we celebrate laughter
We look at the absurdity, at the times we could not laugh
And then we remember laughter
On this seventh, we look again in to the mystery, the questions,
the paradoxes, the paradox of the paradox
And laugh at it all, as was meant to be
As music reveals to those who see

In cognizance and sobriety, the seance ends
With eyes to the stars, the oysters return to their normal day
In the name of the future, we celebrate our awareness
In the name of the Seven, we celebrate the last days of May



Precious, you stand before me
A searcher in a world of believers
Apart from the revolving disorder
You retreat to find a tranquility so uncommon

Blessed by the laws of stillness
You love too much to succeed
Addicted to music and thus to the self
The beauty within you is beyond measure

Priceless, your perceptions poison the tyranny
A world in transition ignores the infinity you see
Divorced from the madness, thus closer to the Creator
Your azure knowledge is far beyond priceless

But the spirit of survival rises to be heard
A brazen voice that knows no justice
Those who inquire slowly fall victim
The chaos and cruelty the most real of all realities

The beauty, your intangible beauty remains hidden
The masses scorn and deplore what threatens
From the jungle to the city
The rules remain the same

Vexed, you now stand before me
Your celestial love crumbles into rubbish
The ideals, the serenity, the music in your thoughts
All becomes worthless from this higher perch

Amazing that I now pen these infected words
The once precious now totally devoid of any worth
Too far I've drifted to be able to damn
The worthless beauty that so softly walks this earth



All things in moderation,
Thus spoke Abraxas

A sunset to the east,
What planet is this?
May I see your calendar?
Do you believe in.........

The Ascendent begins his journey
The lights dim and flicker,
Melting into a distant ovation
Mysteries multiply by the minute
The geometric anagrams simplify the complexity
I fly back to my homeland......

Chaos, corruption, ignorance and fear
I read from the Upanishads and mount the headphones
I rise above and escape in the Self

Another day, another prayer for mankind
I breathe deeply and walk into Nature's earthly heaven
An angelic stillness,
Those who deny his existence must be imbicles
An ambrosaic silence,
Those who are too aware appear to be imbiciles

To show someone beauty,
Its all the artist asks
To show someone the God within
Its all we ask, its all I ask

Beauty my cause for indecision
Causality the nexus of the game
Music my favorite religion
Transcendence my only claim to fame



So this be compensation. Emerson's words ring out
Yet his introspective genius only touched the surface
The superior must suffer - by the laws of compensation

I have so little left to learn
Only things to unlearn
Though I am different
The social conditioning so difficult to escape
Alteration the key

In solitude I find myself
Fragmented, in dispersion, myself
The images rotate, thoughts solidify
and I fall into cold reason

A power from within
I destroy all possibilities of a devil
and feel rising power
I glorify it and harmlessly call it lucifer, light giver

The music softens, the chill bumps begin
My prayers shall be answered, partially by myself
The selves rotate, refraction
A voice rises from within and whispers,
  " God revealed through Absurdity "
  " All postulates only subconscious comparisons"
  " Buddhism just another word for Intelligence "
  " Resilience the key to stability "
  " Mankind's predicament revealed by the Sphinx "
  " Compensation the check on artistic tyranny "

I awaken from fantasy
The music crescendos, then falls
I stabilize and walk into public
Reprehensible and refurbished - a holistic one
The rotations continue and hide in abstraction

Weakend and tarnished, I return to the castle of my Mind
and read from the Gospel, according to Nietzsche, Kant, Rousseau and Voltaire
Inspired, I envision and more compatible world
and listen to the Gospel, according to Rush, Kansas, Judas Priest and Nektar
Translucent harmonies wail in molecular interaction
The hemispheres synchronize into euphonious abstraction
   Another voice rises, submission, submission
   Caress me Lucifer, in the name of perpetual refraction



    I am alone on a bridge without rails;
there is the roar of water moving beneath
    Deja Vu? .......
How is it that I walk again over this bridge?
A mighty gust of wind attempts to throw me into the turbulence below,
but somehow I withstand its onslaught....
  These bridges, are they but a dream, from one to another, this one stands longer,
  possibly unending.............
  The night cannot be any darker, a storm from the south, so I walk faster.........
To what I do not know. Fear begins............of what ?
From land to land I trek my life away, yet I am always over this perilous river
running underneath,
Why can't  I not stop to rest and reflect, something or someone always pushing
me to walk on and when land appears, I celebrate, but only for a few seconds and
then am again teleported to another bridge, different yet the same railess bridge,
the same eerie night...........
Another bridge, another transition, no rails, only the roaring water below....
Past to Future.......is there no present? Is it hidden in mystery or contained in
undiscovered scrolls not meant for mortal man to read and decipher.......
    I pass from nothing to something .....
    Or from nothing to nothing.................

The storm swells, the wind toys with me and my path becomes irregular, thus
I hasten my pace. Who orders this storm ???
   Should I run? When I slow, the wicked, shouting gusts carry me to the edge,
   and I fall off................

Another bridge, another transition, unending, railess, will these ever cease.
Cannot I just be?
The roaring below becomes deafening, the serpentine currents seem to form patterns,
secret messages below, secret treaties between the bridge and the rushing water........
I walk on............dazed..............suds below, how many lives has the railless bridge taken?
The meek, the weak fall off so easily..................

Treacherous these endless bridges, the railless transitions
I must be strong...........
   But why so many, why cannot I rest........
   Be it from something to something
   Or something to nothing
          LIfe rules the game
          My life can never stay the same
          Life is transitions, transitions, transitions.........


The Quiet Man

Like a soothing song, no words to impair
Like an exquisite bare tree in an orchard of fools
Like a smooth stream of slithering blue glass
Inconspicuously, distantly, silently lives the quiet man, the shy man

His sublime silence radiates a valued tranquility
But inside lives more a more significant serenity
Not a fluent as the salesman
Not as glib as the life of the party
He carries on

At times, a voice rises from within
Inspiring him to vocalize as a the bravest of all
But the pious, the meager man prevails
Again, no words, or few at best are aired

But the quiet man is a special man
A jewel among unruly mouths
Mouths that pollute every welcomed silence
The quiet man imparts without words
The syntax held deep within his eyes

Approaching again the proud faces
He questions the meaningless garble, the ever present gibberish
Pressure mounts, to join the noise,
Transforming into a flowing sentence, perched for delivery
Waiting, then nothing, for silence lives again,
How many more agains...............

So lives the quiet man, the shy man



Analyzing everything,
 he somehow tolerates antoher night of lonliness
Analyzing what's been analyzed,
  he slowly retreats into a closed world of Thought

A thinker supreme,
 feelings dissolve from over-thought
Receeding from the masses, he looks back and scorns
 their social frivolity makes no sense

Blessed, blessed? with uncanny reason
  accursed with a lackluster shell
Caught in a world of appearances
  he analyzes his possible ugliness to no end

Wallowing in his withdrawn world
 tortured by the the ladies who will not look
He retreats into a religion of logic
 confusion seeping from his recycled reasoning

With mirrors becoming enemies
  he wilts from another date with depair
Aware of everything, inhibited by everything
 he looks upward, conceeding to the injustice

Ostracized by the smiling crowds
 his waning passions flicker on in fantasy
Analyzing the methods for analyzing
  he spirals into a living hell

Too honest to play the dating games
 Too aware of his appearance, his shell
Trapped by his own sterile world
and his inability to quit thinking
 He lives only to analyze the misfortune

You can feel his sadness, so easy to spot
 His timid nature overwhelms when he can least afford
Comparing, contrasting, categorizing, withdrawing
 Disharmony and imblance rule,
 His precious logic blows out of control

Thus a tomb appears with an inspscription from the heart
The solitary life spills over, the sentiments flow
The fate of history's artists, madmen, and prophets
reduced to these few words

" Pity the man who thinks before every act
 God save his tortured mind if his shell does not attract


Mein Kampf

In summation, I am symphonic and synergistic
History flows on, I remain nameless
The subatomic rotates in symbiotic chaos

Introductions withstanding, I am emeraldine and eclectic
Double synthesizers wail
Nirvana remains hidden hidden to those so cluttered

I am inductive, ephemeral, and recalcitrant
As nature weeds out, so do I
The masses need their stupidity. Alpha. Delta. Insignia.

Above the horizon, thoughts roam free
Orchestrations oscillate and spiral
Observation becomes Inclination
A storm gathers strength, overtones invoke the seance

Reclaiming purpose by elevation and antithesis
Colors blend into the alexandrian motif
Arias honors the Code of Abraxas
In time, the pieces will create the puzzle
Synchronicity, modulation, elaboration, extrapolation.

Summarizing, I am immaculate and quintessential
Countermelodies ascend, time bends into space
My quest is to eradicate and elucidate
To manifest the aural circumference
To interpolate the missing exponential

Inverting the mirror,
Calm obscures the fury within
Below the energies seethe, a storm brews
A cataclysm waits, a grandiosity laments its irrelevance
A Bacchanal is in order. Prophecy is fulfilled.

Misunderstandings aside,
I am ego and instinct, process and realization
My mission is to expose the subconscious
My quest is audiophonic, translineal, inexaustive

Altered for creative exaltation    
Evolution then personalized.  Revolution. I am genius,
I am dementia.  I am the multiform personified.
Before I was a Mayan Priest gazing into the heavens
And before that a curious Neanderthal hiding in the moonlight

But to reiterate, I am vehement, voluminous, virtriolic
The music softens and slows
History flows both forward and backward
Memory molecules search for the appropriate catylyst
I bathe in the electrovalent etheria

My mission, to eradicate ignorance
To elucidate the composer's dream
To recalibrate the psychotonic schemata,
the human equation.

Recalling the introduction,
Harmonies ascend into tonal majesty
Triple synthesizers wail, perpose aligns to nexus
Quadruple guitars elevate the geistlight to altar

Back in time to witness history's greatest transition
My quest is to introduce the messiah
Starsight, trajectory, telepathy.
The Messiah is Music  
Turn up the volume, the joke lives


Psalm 667

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray these eyes are shut to keep
To remain forever frozen in decaying resplendence
To at last be free of all earthly dependence

I judiciously beg to never again awake
To perceive the misery that forces me to make
The nocturnal plea for my unexpected demise
This passionate quest to escape the lonliness and lies

Too passive to fight, so I choose to depart
To perhaps pass to another world that places mind over heart
To abnegate the futility, the madness, and the pain
To leave this doomed caracass and this mind they call insane

In the name of happiness, I now request my tomb
Freeing my spirit to re-enter the celetial womb
To pass into oblivion, to despair no more
To finally escape the existence I so irascibly deplore



I found him lurking deep inside
A young boy so open and free
I found him in a summer night's magic 
The young boy that once was me

In a flash he leaped from my body 
And in consternation we stood eye to eye 
The startling embodiment of my sunken memories
The fragile beast so innocent and shy

For frozen minutes we stared in disbelief
At one entity divided into two 
He who looked into mirrors and asked why
And I who now look and ask who 

As I gazed into his unscarred eyes
The forgotten faces rolled past like a dream
In shuddering delight, I felt the gleeful mirth 
Of the trickling brook now flowing a stream 

In reflective joy I could not help but smile
At the bemussled mop on his sun baked head
And then suddenly he began to laugh at me
But then so solemnly straightened and said 

" When changes called, you left me standing 
As you blazed away from the clumsy, freckled clan
Within weeks you were gone forever 
As you raced toward the mold of western man 
You now cringe when labeled a child 
That stinging word becomes a nagging foe
But when you left, you left your imagination
And without it, the creative currents can never flow 

In a new world of marvelous pleasures 
You silently rejoiced at having said good bye 
But you suffered a great loss when you flew away 
For when you left you quit asking Why 

You now cringe when labeled a child 
That stinging word becomes a nagging foe But when you left, 
you left your imagination And without it, 
the creative currents can never flow 

Without the precious imagination of a child
Your own mind will slowly cease to exist 
You become only a collection of other people's thoughts
The rains of intelligence become but a fine mist 

In the name of glorious manhood
Your inner feelings you must suppress
You now live in fear of being yourself 
For a tearful face can never impress

So caught in the frantic race for success
You've forgotten what its like to play 
For without the rewards of a childish mind
The happiness you've heard of will always slip away "

As he spoke these words my mind opened up 
And I understood the emptiness floating inside 
I saw before me what I had so suddenly abandoned
And what I had been forced to hide 

Overwhelmed, I reached out to embrace him
But he leaped back inside on reality's chime 
Lost forever within my nameless spirit 
Lost forever in the nebulous abyss of time 



Betrayed by my dreams
Astrayed by an anonymous reality
I slowly fell into madness, only to discover a more 
haunting emptiness
And thus, winter arrived in may 
leaving me enshrouded in confusion
and sentenced to a perpetual loneliness

Decaying from the encroaching madness
Drifting away to avoid the pain
Nauseous from a plastic world of illusions 
I began to run

With one listening to untold sermons
the Priest inside dissolved
Watching wants turn into needs
Searching in futility's name
I began to create
To revel in fantasy
To imagine that which never solidifies
to delude, in the name of happiness, my insipid world 
And thus to again live in the frivolous doubt of death

Smiling, in now see you, in all your pomp and glory
So absobed into the mob mentality
Oblivious to your spiritual essence, worthless in my wake
You run from your own haunting emptiness

Caught in a quagmire of illusions, 
You live to impress......
To succeed in a world of pure folly
Running from the pervasive falsity,
You must feel superior to be equal 
So driven by a creeping worthlessness
You create your own illusion of importance
Your image more sacred than your distant God
Your imagined worth your only source of happiness

Thus happiness exists, whether delusory or real, 
You with your almighty, deception riddled importance
And I with my flights into fantasy

So God pardon the madman's intrusion
I speak for those caught in their own created illusion
As happiness rules, each finds his own solution
Thus in the name of sanity, I now announce
To each his own Delusion 


And the idiots shall inherit the earth................
For the meek are too feeble and the intelligent are too immobilized

To each his own equinox 
A thousand different people, 
A thousand different galaxies....
And yet the idiots inflict their general rules for all 
The excrement in the minds remains somehow hidden

Those who can act are compensated with pleasures
And those who cannot remain immobilized by absurdity
Pleasure takes many forms, the highest reserved for privacy 
And love...........love does not exist, only pleasure 
Those who give pleasure become an addiction
and those do not see this are considered lucky 
For ignorance is bliss, infinite bliss

And happiness also does not exist
Only balance between pleasure and pain 
Pain taking a myriad a forms
Balance remains supreme
Its significance only acknowledged by the Future

And thus appears the phenomenon of Difference
The multitudes of sheep and then those who are different
And the different feel the difference
and are labeled as shy, timid, even quiet 
Does shyness cause difference? 
Or does difference cause shyness?
Those who are aware pay the price
The absurdity never ends

And from the flock of difference appears the artist 
One who can see.......
One who sees so much he must express
For he sees the causes for imbalance
And thus, compassion becomes a motivation
From the many paradoxes he sees comes his own
Serious to ludicrous at any given moment 
A psychological mutation, transcendent and alone 

Tramplings, even footprints in the sky 
Injustice appears and shocks all who see and feel it
As the most bitter of all revelations
Hence, the Idiots shall inherit the earth
For the meek are much too feeble and the intelligent will be leaving

A. Irrelevance

Stolen from future scriptures,
The rational and irrational meet in cerebral procreation
Thus bearing irrelevance
Thus exposing the infinite opaque paradoxes
That in turn obscures the crisis in the nexus

Refueled by the impalpable mysteries
The retrograde of causality infects as it heals
Distance appears for those who can use
Absorbtion disappears for those so absorbed

With secrets rescending, the castles of logic begin to tilt
The Seven Spirals await their naming
The forces that lurk below caress their incoherence
The unbelievable stands naked in beguiling malfeasance

Focusing inward, ascension, ascension
I hear the incandescant incantations
Hinting only of their nebulous and irrelevant ramifications


I am a pitiful human being 
I am sickened by myself
I am degradation, slime, loathsome slime
I am the epitome of squalor 
My existence within the physical erodes by the day
I am imbalance, disharmony, discordance
Yet I am only a reflection of society's whorry sickness
The crucifixion nears

I hate mankind
My passion for grand scale change only ends in frustration
I am invisible and insignificant
I am no more than a sickened, whimpering imbecile 
Born into deception, destined for nothing

I am sanity epitomized
I am the sunset personified
My love for the Supreme Being is far beyond words
My passion for open honesty borders on the bizzare
I am beautiful 
Yet the beauty is not acknowleged. It is not seen.....
It is worthless. I am embittered

Crying out in desparation
I am isolation
The precious diseases seeth within
and prepare to unite and destroy all physical remnants of 
this pathetic existence

I am repulsive, druling
My mind is blank
I am rotting, decaying, a pitiful picture of rancid ugliness
I am human
Living out an inhuman closeness to my creator 
I am dying, I am absurdity, a reflection of your god dammed society 
I am already dead, the crucifixion nears
Call for the Priest 


Preface Neocities.

or half of what was and furthermore well, whats left of it


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