Introductions and Prefaci ( including Prolegomena and Forewards )

To Book Four, Essayene ( 2013-2023 ) copyright2023@fathomlightproductions

Preface: Exluding the monster series, the scientific, new age, and abstruse
philosophy that forms the basis for the remainer of the book almost comes
across as an lsd trip, i.e. psylosibin, or ketachrome sp experience. One of the
truly 'original' and pathbreaking books of the last 50 years.

Introduction: On the heels of his award winning, ' Eyes To The Stars' the
author comes through with another page turner, rife with esoteric psychologies,
new age science, and abstruse philosophies, all woven together masterfully,
leaving the reader in awe of what he is reading. The 21st century has found
its Shakespeare.

Prolegomena: Covering areas of existence that are normally left alone
or unreachable by most minds, the book extends both the mysteries of
the Mind and the Universe into the quantum carousel. This is pure philosophy
in the form of poetry. Not a coffee table ornament.

Dedication: To all the cat lovers of the world

Foreward: When first asked to compose a coherent foreward for this
outstanding book, I was hesitant, being that I am the author of this
' syllabus for the spiritually curious '. After re-reading the first four
pages, I couldn't say no. This is truly an exceptional book, one worth
the attention one would give Emerson. Wu Wei.


To Boo0k Three, Eyes To The Stars



Inspired by both sophisticated guitar music and various
new age radio programs ( Echoes, Starstrems, Hearts of Sausalitio, with Stephen Hill
This epic manifestation of energized* spirituality, quantum physics as it relates to our mind
and .................................

Dedication : To all musicians, music teachers, and music lovers

Forward: When first asked to compose a cogent forward, I hesitated, then
realizing that I the author knew best what to say..............

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